Australia's First Dhamma School ....... for Primary Students (ages 4-13)

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If we are peaceful, if we are happy, we can blossom like a flower and everyone in our  family, our entire society, will benefit from our peace.

 (Thich Nhat Hanh)

our vision.....

Our vision is to create a primary school where:

1. Children will be introduced to the teachings of the Buddha and encouraged to implement these teachings into their thoughts, speech and actions of daily life.

2. Children will learn in an environment where they will gain a deeper appreciation of their own inherent wisdom through meditation and other Buddhist teachings. Meditation will also help students to develop concentration and clarity that will be beneficial to their academic progress.

3. Teachers will be aware of and supportive to the emotional and spiritual needs of each child, as well as to their mental and physical development.

4. Children will feel valued and cared for as a result of a low student to teacher ratio.

5. Emphasis will be placed on positive interaction with the children’s peers, family and the wider community, as well as social responsibility, service, and leadership.

6. The virtues of generosity (dana), morality (sila), renunciation (nekkhamma), wisdom (panna), effort (viriya), patience (khanti), truthfulness (sacca), determination (adhittana), loving kindness (metta) and equanimity (upekka) will be an integral part of the child’s education.

7. Children will learn to appreciate the natural environment, by understanding the interdependant relationship we share. Children will also be exposed to a wide range of sources (ie. aboriginal teachings, yogic knowledge, modern science and technology etc.) so to broaden their awareness of the history and beliefs world wide.

 Those who awaken, bring light into the world, like the moon emerging from the clouds.

 (The Dhammapada verse 172)



who encouraged our vision ?


After receiving and directly benefiting from Dhamma teachings and meditation (passed onto us by invaluable teachers), we felt inspired to share this precious jewel with others.  Opportunities in western countries for children to access the Buddha’s path in a school setting are few and far between. However, there are schools in various countries that are directly providing the teaching and benefits of Dhamma, simultaneous to providing a formal education.


It was when we saw the Dharma School in Brighton, South East England, that we realized how this special combination was able to achieve remarkable results.


The children and teachers were so happy, understanding and kind to each other due to being guided by the all encompassing wisdom and compassion taught by the Buddha. Also, by informing the children of the traditions, religions and cultures of other countries, they appeared to be more broad minded, considerate and less competitive toward others.  At the same time  they appeared more knowledgeable of our whole world.  


Encouraged to meditate throughout the day, the children were given a chance to be within their own being, relax, be quiet and calm, reflect and let their deeper feelings arise without the busy mind interfering.  


This institution is an inspiration for others to follow in a quest to allow future generations to walk the path of Dhamma.


More information about the Brighton Dharma School can be found at


Other similar schools operating in the U.S.A are the Hongwanji Mission School in Hawaii ( and the Pacific Buddhist Academy (



For a better, happier, more stable and civilized future, each of us must develop a sincere, warm-hearted feeling of brother and sisterhood. 

(His Holiness the Dalai Lama)




Our intention is to create a non-profit, minimal fee paying organization.

 Finances will be sought from:

         Government and non-Government bodies;

         Charity and Buddhist organisations; and

         Private donors.


If you want to lead a beautiful life, life can be very beautiful, if your mind is  beautiful.

(Venerable Mahinda)



The development of this vision into reality, and the resultant learning environment, will be guided by:

          The teachings of the Buddha

         The School’s Management Committee

         The Sangha

         Qualified teachers and staff who are dedicated to and practicing the teachings of the Buddha

        The Parental Community

        Student feedback


other activities  

      Kindergarten groups and after school care may also be included in the Dhamma School.

         It is intended that the Dhamma School be used during the school holidays and weekend for meditation retreats, yoga retreats and other dhamma activities. Weekly meditation sessions and dhamma talks will be offered to adults.

        A weekly Sunday school will be run on the school premises for any interested parents and children.


are you interested ?

To assist us in determining our LOCATION for Australia’s first Dhamma School, we need to know where prospective students live. If this unique school sounds appealing, and somewhere you would sincerely consider enrolling your children (aged 4-12) in the near future, your expression of interest would be of great assistance (please inform us of your interest via the contact details below).

Also please contact us if you are:

A registered teacher (or studying to be a teacher) who is walking on the path of Dhamma and want to share the Dhamma with children,

An administrator that could contribute to the process of establishing and governing such a school

Able to lend your professional skills such as: accountancy, legal advice, building and construction advice, etc.

Interested in contributing to this project in other ways,

Interested in being part of the Management Committee,

Sangha interested in contributing to the school’s development and management.
P R O G R E S S   U P D A T E  .....  4 JAN 2005

We have so far had a good response from Sunshine Coast and Brisbane and recently held some meetings in Brisbane on 7th and 8th December with those interested.


From the positive response at these meetings a steering committee was formed and an application to the Office of Fair Trading has been lodged for registration of a non-profit organization. The following people have accepted the positions of:


President          Miss Mandy Saliba

Secretary          Mr Gideon Huppert

Treasurer           Mr Rahu Chandra

Members           Rachel Hannam, Richard McHale, Alison Mann, Cherie Christensen, Tan Chandra



Assistance from interested people is now being sought to undertake the following tasks.  Ideally small groups of 3 people or more could work together.


  • Formation of a Group for Fundraising (researching sources, writing applications, financial planning etc.) A Qualified Accountant would be of great value in this team.


  • Formation of a Group for Formulating the Educational Program for the Dhamma School, based on the Dharma School in England, personal experience, other Non-State Schools etc.


  • People for Promotion of the Dhamma School in Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast (eg. Distribute flyers (eg. libraries, day care centres, pre-schools), visit Buddhist organizations, email, etc. Be creative and expansive). Graphic Designers, Printers would also be of great value.


  • Experienced or interested people, to Research the viability of a Dhamma School being established in different areas of Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast.


  • People able to help with legal documentation processes to Government Boards (ie. Non-State Schools Accreditation Board)


please contact us.....

Mandy Saliba
PO Box 8913
Mt Pleasant QLD 4740